When you're looking for your next commercial truck, you not only have to choose the right model but the right cab configuration as well. Around Richmond, Mechanicsville, and Ashland, we receive regular questions about Crew Cabs vs. Super Cabs.

Therefore, our Richmond Commercial Truck Center staff decided that a Crew Cabs vs. Super Cabs comparison would be helpful for drivers seeking the right commercial model! Let's get started.

Sizes of the Crew Cab vs the Super Cab

Essentially, the Crew Cab vs. Super Cab debate centers around the length of your truck-notably, the interior space in the cabin.

You can identify a Crew Cab as any truck that has four full-size doors. Each of these doors will open in the traditional manner. The Crew Cab will provide folks in the first and second rows with ample room to stretch out or store their belongings.

The Super Cab is shorter than a Crew Cab but longer than your traditional cab. The Super Cab will also have four doors, but the rear two doors are smaller than the doors in the front of the truck. In addition to being smaller, these two rear doors will open in the opposite direction of traditional doors.

Benefits of Both Super Cab and Crew Cab

If you're going for a commercial truck, you'll have plenty of power and capability whether you opt for a Crew Cab or a Super Cab.

The decision will essentially come down to your views on the cabin. Will you regularly be transporting people in the second row? Do you prefer a larger second row to hold your various supplies or any tools that you don't want to put in the bed?

If cabin space is a sticking point for you because you travel long distances and want a more accommodating place to spend time, the Crew Cab is the go-to choice. If you're typically alone when using your truck and don't feel added cabin space is needed, the Super Cab makes a lot of sense!

Ford Lineup of Super Cabs and Crew Cabs

Ford has been building trucks for a long, long time. If you begin to sort through our Ford commercial truck inventory, you'll find terrific trucks with both Crew Cabs and Super Cabs.

The Ford Ranger XL Crew Cab is a prime example of a versatile, capable truck. Even more heavy-duty choices would be the Ford F-250 XL Crew Cab or the Ford F-450 XL Crew Cab.

The Ford F-250 XL Super Cab is a splendid choice if you wanted to go in the opposite direction.

Test Out Crew Cabs or Super Cabs

Whether you think the Crew Cab or Super Cab is a better fit for your work around Richmond, Mechanicsville, and Ashland, check out our Ford commercial truck inventory. We have many appealing models that you can explore from home.

You can also stop by Richmond Commercial Truck Center in person to get started today!

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