When looking into commercial vehicles that will up the efficiency of your company around Richmond, Mechanicsville, and Ashland, VA, it's important to know the exact specifications. Because we've long dealt with local business owners and understand what you value, our Richmond Commercial Truck Center staff thought resources like a review of the Ford Transit's dimensions would come in handy.

While you may know how versatile and capable the Ford Transit is, you may not know if the interior and exterior proportions fit with what you're looking for. To help, the following provides a concise rundown of these key dimensions!

Ford Transit: Cargo Van vs Passenger Van

The Ford Transit has a well-deserved reputation for accommodating to the needs of owners. Before you drive off the lot, there are a few decisions to be made, each one allowing you to get one step closer to the commercial model you've been looking for.

From the jump, you have to decide if you want the Ford Transit Cargo Van or the Ford Transit Passenger Van. Both are roomy and capable, yet one prioritizes inventory and the other people.

After selecting between the cargo van and passenger van, you'll have a range of body types to choose from. Length options check in at Regular, Long, and Long-EL, for example. For the roof, you can go with either the Low, Medium, or High arrangement.

More decisions will be made along the way, such as the number of rows you want in your passenger van.

Passenger Dimensions for the Ford Transit

With all the different variations of the Ford Transit in mind, we'll be taking a look at the maximum interior dimensions you can enjoy when your van is properly equipped.

For instance, the headroom of your van can measure as much as 68 inches. Legroom in the first row of the cargo van will peak at 41.3 inches, which is the same for the passenger van.

Hip room is certainly important, as it allows guests to maintain their personal space. For the passenger van, the hip room will reach a generous 69.6 inches!

Finally, we arrive at shoulder room, another factor that plays into overall passenger space and comfort. For the passenger van, the shoulder room measures a generous 71.4 inches at its peak.

Cargo Volume

If storing inventory is your biggest point of emphasis, the Ford Transit is a model that you'll quickly fall in love with.

The lowest maximum cargo volume that the Ford Transit Cargo Van offers in any setup measures 280.9 cubic feet. At its peak, you can arrange the model to hold upwards of 536.4 cubic feet of cargo!

Explore the Ford Transit Dimensions Yourself

If you have work to accomplish around Richmond, Mechanicsville, and Ashland, Virginia, the Ford Transit is a model worth exploring.

So, consider coming by the Richmond Commercial Truck Center, and we'll happily give you a firsthand overview of what this Ford model provides!

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